our history

In 2012 the city of Marion, like so many other cities throughout the country, met with financial difficulties. In order to remain solvent, budget cuts were necessary. As part of the expense reduction process, the Recreation Department was eliminated. The former Recreation Department had been responsible for coordinating and managing the recreational activities for the city. With this department's elimination, the softball leagues of the city of Marion would cease to exist unless another method of management was found. Steve Romshe, a citizen well known for his love of softball and organizing ability, recognized the need and stepped up to take on the task. On January 10, 2012, Steve met with Juan Pickens and Mike Cheney, the director of the Parks Department to gain insight as to what needed to be done to save senior softball in Marion. A meeting was arranged for January 18th to allow Reco and Mike to address a group of individuals who may be interested in assuming responsibility for the senior softball program, Steve then contacted those individuals whom he thought would assist in the process. On January 18, the meeting took place to discuss the requirements for handing off the management of the senior softball leagues to private individuals. Attendance at that meeting consisted of Mike Cheney, Juan Pickens, Steve Romshe, Tom Shirk, Gary Meddles, John Imboden, Al Feaver, Larry Kelly, Jim Kelley, and Ralph Smith. During that meeting, the decision was made to accept the responsibility of managing the 60 and Over softball league and to create and manage a 55 and Over league. A meeting date of February 1, 2012 was set to begin the creation of the 55 and over league and a date of February 15th for the 60 and over league. During the meeting on February 1, the basic requirements for starting a new league were discussed and agreed upon. Those attending the meeting agreed that several meetings needed to take place in order to properly organize a new league and undertake the responsibility of the existing 60 and Over league. Another meeting concerning the 55 and Over league was set for February 16, 2012. During the meetings on Feb 15th and 16th, a discussion concerning the name and structure of a new organization was held. Those present decided that the name of our new organization would be the Marion Senior Softball Association and the structure of the Association would consist of eight positions. The charter offices and officers of the Association are: Commissioner Steve Romshe, Vice Commissioner Tom Shirk, Treasurer Jim Kelley, Secretary Ralph Smith, Umpires & Scorekeepers Al Feaver, Schedules & Revisions Larry Kelly & Gary Meddles, Rules & Communication Ralph Smith and Tournaments Larry Kelly & Gary Meddles. And thus, the Marion Senior Softball Association was born. During our first full season of play under the auspices of the MSSA, we had a very successful season. Not only did we continue with our 60+ league consisting of six teams, but we also created a new, 55+ league of five teams. Then, at the end of the summer season, we created a fall league of four teams.